Saturday, November 17, 2012


Between the all-night-long nursing sessions and the sick kids and the dirty diapers and the vacuuming and the laundry and the homework and the this and the that...

...there's something.

Just a moment of calmness, of peace, of sitting still and being and existing in this place.

"This place" is so much right now.

The house we live in. The house we want to live in. The kids in their own worlds, different ages and stages and how they connect and how they conflict. The husband, how we are, how we aren't. The goals. The dreams.

All of it.

It's all in this place, this tricky maze of confusion and excitement, possibility and fear. All bottled up with the day-to-day and the week-to-week.

How do you possibly begin to make sense of it all? How can you peel back the layers and find that moment of calmness where it all makes sense?

I feel it, with every sense of my being, I feel it. Within grasp, right in front of me, I just have to get up and get it.

That simple.

I can have it, if I want it.

Oh, how I want it.

I don't even need to keep it. Just hold on to it for a little while. Just a little moment of clarity and being able to breathe easy would be all I would need, then I can pass that moment on to another mama.

Because I can't be alone in all of this. I know I'm not. I know there are a host of other Super Mama's out there doing and being and feeling and wanting it all.

To embrace that sisterhood is my next step.

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