My name is Jenny.

I'm not as serious as this picture might suggest!

I'm one of those girls who met her soulmate when she was 14. It took us awhile to figure it out and piece it together, but we did, and it was worth it.

We have three beautiful babies!
Our first daughter and oldest is Tee.
The second is our only boy, Bam.
Our new baby and our second girl, Gray.

Why Super Mama?
Well, because I'd like to be one.
I know it's not realistic.
Some days I feel like I am Super Mama, juggling the three kids with ease, meeting everyone's needs and wants, including my own.
Most days I don't feel anywhere near that.
But it's okay.
Being a Super Mama is not at all about doing everything perfectly.
It's about giving your all, wanting and doing and being whatever you can in that moment.
So some days being a Super Mama in my house means I am nursing the baby in the sling while helping the oldest with her homework and helping the middle build a tower while cooking the most delicious dinner and my husband comes home to a shiny, perfectly clean house.
Most days, however, being a Super Mama means everybody was fed something and seems relatively happy, and maybe I actually showered.
It's not always pretty. It's not always perfect.
But it's real.
My kids always think I'm Super Mama, and their opinion is the one that counts.

I'm a little obsessive. My head gets foggy and I have a tendency to ramble.
My life can be messy.
But mostly it's beautiful.

I love all things numbers.
I am addicted to notebooks and pens. 
I love sports and theatre.
I go to school and work from home.

I've become more of a crunchy mama and I'll talk about that journey from time to time.

Besides being a mom, I strive to make a positive change in the world.
When I was a kid, I knew I wanted to help people.
The picture of how I wanted to do that has changed several times over the years, but the basic idea of helping people has never changed.
I have big plans and huge ideas that I am putting into motion.
Some include this space.
Some include a completely different space where I can be hands on with people who need help.
I am confident that one person can indeed change the world.
One person inspires another who inspires another who inspires another...
As Super Mamas together, we can do it. We CAN change the world.

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