Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today Stinks

I am having a bad day.


Oh let me count the ways. So MANY reasons. Nothing that truly matters. Just a little bit of this and this and that piled all on top of each other, coupled with my raging pregnancy hormones and the fact that despite it being a perfectly chilly fall day, it is 80 degrees in my house and I could cry at the drop of a hat.

So what should I do about it?

I'm going to focus on the positive.

There is a BABY in my belly! And this wonderful little miracle is kicking away!

My little Gray has been showering me with kisses and hugs and cuddles today!

My Bam, despite his problems at school, is truly learning! He came home today and sang me a song he learned. He SANG a SONG! This is huge for him!

My Tee is celebrating a birthday this week. Her existence is amazing and we get to celebrate the awesome person that she is!

My husband is bringing me home dinner! And I don't have to cook it or prepare it in any way!

The sun is shining!

Life is GOOD!

*deep breath*

That helped. It truly did!

Taking the negative of today and letting it go, focusing on the positive and breathing it in. I can't ignore all the negatives...most of them do require some action of some kind. I just can't put effort into those things when I'm crying and yelling and wanting to pound my head into my desk. It's not productive or helpful! So back to that breathing...

It will be okay. IT WILL BE OKAY. It IS okay. IT IS!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Organization is the Name of the Game!

What's the key to being a Super Mama?

Well, heck if I know!

I do know, however, that the key to staying sane as a Super Mama is organization. I'm all about embracing the chaos and living by the seat of your pants. I don't think that every minute of every day needs to be scheduled or planned. I love the freedom in having a day free of plans and just letting life happen!

The organization I'm talking about is HOME organization.

You know what I mean, mamas. I know you do!

As a mom with two kids in school, a toddler, a baby on the way, a husband, a business, and my own schooling to contend with...if I don't have a plan or a place for everything...this house becomes chaos. And not the good kind of chaos. The oh-gosh-I-want-to-pull-my-hair-out-and-run-away kind of chaos.

Mmmhmm, you know what I'm talking about!

Truth time...I'm not that great with this kind of organization.

I want to be good at it! I strive to be good at it!

I'm just not quite there yet.

So this month I'm going to explore organization and what it means for my own family and how we can make things work smoother and easier in our house.

Join me! I know other mamas out there struggle with the same thing! Where's my shoes? Where's my backpack? Did you sign my planner? Did you move my library book? Why is my pillow in the dog food?

(what? you don't get that question often?)

An important factor to me is how to organize on the cheap. I'm overwhelmed with possibilities as I peruse the magical website Pinterest, but often a lot of the best ideas are just not realistic for my home, my family, or my budget. So I plan to take those genius ideas and mold them to fit my life.


I embrace the chaos. But I like to embrace it without truly going insane.