Friday, June 1, 2012

Family Fun - Movie Night!

One of my main goals for this summer is spending quality time as a family. Not necessarily MORE time, though that would be great, but making the time we do spend together mean something.

I'm not perfect. Sometimes these once a week activities drive me crazy. The kids are screaming at each other. The husband was late coming home from work. The dog ate a turtle...

Yeah, THAT'S a story for another day. The dog sometimes makes more work for me than the three kids combined.

Anyway, one of our favorite activities is movie night. Pretty simple, right? But oh so fun!

I allow the kids to pick the movie. Sometimes if there is something on that night I might overrule, but usually they get a chance. If there's a new kid movie out, we'll occasionally go to Redbox instead.

(NOTE: please, don't be like us, return your movies to Redbox! Otherwise, after 20-some days, you'll be paying over price for a movie you watched one time...true story!)

So having two kids who are old enough to have opinions does often mean we argue about the movie. The best solution I've found so far is we keep track of who's turn it is! Simple as that. Seeing it written down, on a calendar, on a dry erase board, whatever, really sets the expectations for my kids and then we have less yelling.

I will do anything to prevent yelling. *sigh*

Another fun thing is we always have a snack! We vary between popcorn, popsicles, trail mix, something quick that everybody can have their OWN of, and that they don't get that often. Makes it a little extra special!

We picked up some of these popcorn cups at Target in the dollar bin last year!

I usually do movie night on Fridays. It's a nice way to relax with the kids after a long week of school and running around, and before we start a weekend that usually consists of family visits and house projects. We start a little bit before bedtime. Everybody is in their pj's, we're piled on the couch with blankets, and usually at least one person falls asleep before the end of the movie. :)

I know it's really a simple thing, doesn't take a lot of time or energy to plan, but my kids love it! They love getting a chance to cuddle with me, and I love watching them laugh and have fun and...I like cuddling, too!

So tonight's movie pick is...


The kids are just a tiny bit addicted to the chipmunks these days. Plus, it's free on OnDemand!

Happy Friday...enjoy your family!!

What are you doing with your family this week? Link up and share your ideas! (please link to the blog post, not just the blog)

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