Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just a few more weeks...

I wonder what it is going to be like...

To be 5 instead of 4.

I get annoyed because I can't sleep anymore and bending down to pick things up hurts, and why can't these kids put their stuff away? Or at least not in the walkway?

I feel huge and I'm cranky and emotional and why does this seem to be taking forever?

Then I think about my oldest. How incredibly creative she is, and full of life, and oh so sensitive! I miss her baby days, her chubby little feet and hands, her head full of curls. Her cuddles, her "mama, hold you!" when she wanted to be held, how her smile just lit up the room. It still does, in fact.

Then I think about my baby boy. How much fun he is! He plays and imagines and creates these incredible worlds that he just dives right into, and sometimes, if I'm lucky, he'll invite me to join along. He's starting to slowly move away from being my baby, and my heart aches for just another cheek-to-cheek hug, just one more nap in my arms. He still adores me, and I'm holding on to that with everything I have.

Then I think about our new baby. What will she be like? Will she have curly hair like her sister, or straight hair like her brother? Will she have blue eyes like me and her siblings? Or will she be like her dad and have green eyes? Will she want me to rock her to sleep like her sister did? Or will she only want her daddy, like her brother did?

I know one thing for sure, she is going to light up our entire world. She's the missing piece we didn't even know we were missing.

So even though I am incredibly sore and tired and just so over this whole pregnancy thing, I remember that I felt this exact same way when I was pregnant with the other two. And more importantly, I do remember that once I hold that baby in my arms, I'm going to forget about this moment when I feel so overwhelmed that I want to curl up and cry.

I got this. Just a few more weeks.

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  1. Baby Grace is so lucky to be coming into a family that loves her so much already!! I'm excited to meet her!!! Love you!


  2. I know how you feel. I'm at 36 weeks, and bending over..HA! doesn't happen anymore. Tired, cranky, emotional...some days it feels like I've been pregnant forever, others, aren't as bad.