Monday, March 31, 2014

This Week's Menu!

I'm taking part in a pretty cool Pinterest interactive experience!

That's the fancy way of seeing I'm pinning cool stuff and you should, TOO!

I created a board on Pinterest called "This Week's Menu!" and each Sunday I'll update that board with what is on our menu for the week. I'll post a link here on the blog for those who want to participate, too!

I'll update here reviews, recipes, and we can take bets on how many meals are burned beyond recognition and how many times my family orders pizza because I don't know how to boil water each week.

Fun times! :)

Why am I taking part in this?

Because I am SICK and TIRED of eating crappy food that doesn't nourish my body. I want to MAKE food. REAL food. WHOLE food. GOOD food.

Please trust, I am far from perfection. Odds are good that I'll be popping in a frozen pizza every couple of nights or making the kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because I have no energy to cook.

But if I want to CHANGE something, I've got to put it out there! I need to raise the bar for myself and my family. My expectations must change. Nutrition has become a priority for me, and instead of just thinking about it all day, I'm taking action.

And damn it, I might even learn to cook in the process.

Comment here with your Pinterest board link if you'd like to join in! We can follow each other and get some yummy ideas!

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