Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 2

 I want to succeed
Pushing myself to be more
I was built for this

To be a mother
And a business owner
A college student

I am a wife, too
And a daughter and sister
A friend and a foe

Passionate, joyful
Hopeful, positive, happy
All rolled into me

Frustrated, doubtful
Emotions do not skip me
I keep my head up

I just keep going
One foot in front of the next
Choosing to see good

My soul aches for more
More creativity and
More good in this world

I continue on
The path is not always clear
I want to do good

I want to do more
To give more and to be more
And to mean something

To do something big
To change the world for someone
To be positive

I want to succeed
I will never stop trying
I was built for this

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